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Mobile Academy, Hannah Hurtzig, Chris Kondek, in collaboration with Karin Harrasser

Hannah Hurtzig, Wismar, lives in Berlin, DE Chris Kondek, 1962, Boston, ma, USA, lives in Berlin, DE Karin Harrasser, 1974, Kufstein, AT, lives in Berlin, DE, and C Vienna, AT

Night Lesson No. 1, “On Hesitation” by joseph Vogl, 2008 Series of video lectures



Night Lesson No. 1, “On Hesitation” by Joseph Vogl is the first of 100 Night Lessons to be projected in public spaces in different cities, each addressed to figures of the night. Number 1 is devoted to states of hesitation, dithering and wavering, to blurriness, obscurity and uneasiness. The German philosopher and literary scholar Joseph Vogl addresses hesitation as a state of being that implies much more than a lack of movement: hesitation makes the dimension of time and history visible and therefore stimulates a sense of possibility. He talks to nocturnal passers-by about the roles of deferral and postponement within a culture dominated by the laws of action, the birth of the historical event out of Wallenstein’s hesitation, heroes of reluctance, and the agony and luxury of indecision.
The Night Lessons are loosely connected to ideas and ideals of education for the general public (Volksbildung), or a small university. The former is dedicated to the disciplinary ideal of emancipation through education, and is therefore more than out of date. This series conceptualizes education rather as the encouragement of wild and precise thinking. The aim is to provide students (here, they are those out for a night-time stroll) with access to unstable and excessive forms of knowledge, to find problems for solutions that already exist.
Night Lesson No. 1 will be screened on the post office facade (via Roccabruna) every Thursday and Saturday from 10.00 pm to midnight.



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