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TRENTINO - parallel events

Arteficio Arteculturacontemporanea Senzafissadimora
c/o Hangar Audi, Dorigoni S.p.A., loc. Stella 42, Trento
opening hours: 9.00 – 12.00 / 14.00 – 18.00
Riserva Creativa Exhib / Creativity Tank Exhib
20.09. – 31.10.2008
Hangar Audi, Dorigoni, Trentino Trasporti Sede Generale
via Innsbruck 65, Gardolo
with Rosetta Berardi, Carlo Bernardini, Jakob De Chirico,
Franco Del Zotto Odorico, Ugo Dossi, Diango Hernandez,
Fukushi Ito, Stefano Scheda, Tobia Ravà,
Anton Roca
curated by Rita Matano
opening: 19.09.2008 – h 17.00
The exhibition tackles the relationship between art/culture and
the economy and takes place in a car showroom, underlining this
essential link. Culture and the economy have always had a symbiotic
relationship since the era of the ancient trading routes,
when great ideas travelled alongside the merchandise. Moreover
mobility has an even more vital role today. The hangar houses
works by internationally renowned artists, addressing the theme
in order to transmit values, reinforce identity and encourage
Associazione Incontri Internazionali di Rovereto
T +39 0464 431660
c/o Auditorium Fausto Melotti, Mart conference hall, Rove ret o;
Teatro Sociale, Trento; Malga Costa, Valle di Sella, Borgo Valsugana
Oriente Occidente
05.09. – 14.09.2008
with Compagnia Artemis Danza, LDTX Beijing Modern
Dance Company, Kaléïdans’Scop, Angika Dance Company,
Compagnie La Baraka, Compagnie Retouramont, Legend Lin
Dance Theatre, Padmini Chettur, Guangdong Modern Dance
Company, CCDC City Contemporary Dance Company
Ultima Vez
Artistic directors: Lanfranco Cis e Paolo Manfrini
This year Oriente Occidente’s contribution will revolve around
Cindia, namely China and India, the countries which have burst
onto the global scene, revolutionising economic, political and
cultural relations through their extraordinary force. They are
a source of innovation and inspiration for the West, which the
Festival, always very aware of issues linked to multiculturalism,
body language and contemporary terminology, could not fail to
investigate. Oriente Occidente is proud to present some of the
most interesting dance performances on the international scene
and special projects immersed in the splendid natural setting of
Arte Sella.
Associazione Ordinesparso
c/o Agenzia per lo Sviluppo, Tecnofin, via Zeni 8, Rovereto
SCALA 1:18 Performance
06.09.2008 – h 23.00
a project by Marco Dalbosco with Oriente Occidente Festival
text by Roberto Pinto
Scala 1:18 is an artistic summary of a true life experience: the
working environment changes its significance. The work of art
alters it and becomes the expression of an interior point of view.
A positive human message springs forth from the drabness of the
factory system.
Piazza Erbe 26, Rovereto T +39 0464 34095
opening hours: 15.30 – 18.30 or by appointment: +39 340 2580396
Le Città d’Oriente
11.09. – 24.09.2008
with Pietro Weber
curated by Maria Teresa Di Marco
opening: 10.09.08 – h 19.00
The work of Pietro Weber succeeds in throwing light on a
complex phase in the history of human civilisations and in
taking possession of the different imaginary currents pervading
the cultures that gradually emerge. The masks, totems and
amphorae allow the humour which has always characterised
the artist to slip out, showing itself to be fundamental in
transforming both the anxiety of the distant past and fear of the
sacred, the shock caused by the occasional bogeyman and the
impression created by the emptiness of modern life. (Christian
Francesca Bucciero & Filippo Andreatta
with Comune di Rovereto
c/o car park ex ATI, Via Cartiera 13, Rovereto
Delirious New York – Performance
03.10. – 05.10.2008, h 21.00 e 22.00
with a group of 15 performers
curated by Filippo Andreatta, Francesca Bucciero
Taking Rem Koolhhas’ book Delirious New York as its starting
point, the performance focuses on Manhattan, reconstructing
the layout of the city blocks, around which the audience moves
freely alongside the performers, following what is taking
place contemporaneously, just as happens in the city. Images
providing views of the Big Apple in the 1930’s are reworked,
mixing various expressive genres in order to entertain the
public, which involuntarily becomes a part of the performance
and hence of the city.
MART, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
di Trento e Rovereto

Corso Bettini 43, Rovereto T +39 0464 438887
opening hours: tue – sun 10.00 – 18.00; fri 10.00 – 21.00; monday closed
Young in the Future. Giuseppe Capitano
28.06. – 17.08.2008
curated by Martina Cavallarin
The programme dedicated to young artists under the age of
35 will continue in 2008 with presentation of a young Italian
emerging on the national and international scene, called on
to produce a site-specific work for the space in the museum’s
project room. It will be a work of strong poetic impact, a mixture
of harmony and eroticism, alchemy and symbols
Eurasia – Dissolvenze geografiche dell’arte
28.06. – 16.11.2008
with Lida Abdul, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Mark Bain, Koo
Jeong-a, Nina Beier e Marie Lund, Anant Joshi, Joseph Beuys,
Gulnara Kasmalieva e Muratbek Djumaliev, Terence Koh,
Cristina Lucas, Ursula Biemann, Alighiero Boetti, Luchezar
Boyadjiev, Stefano Cagol, Sirous Namazi, Mindaugas Lukosaitis,
Timo Nasseri, Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh, Mircea Cantor,
Andrea Caretto e Raffaella Spagna, Beatrice Catanzaro, Heman
Chong, Cao Fei, Vadim Fishkin, Christian Frosi e Riccardo
Previdi, Mandla Reuter, Dan Perjovschi, Adrian Paci, Vladimir
Nikoli, Elena Nemkova, Luigi Rizzo, Kirstine Roepstorff, Aidan
Salakhova, Silvia Giambrone, Fernando Sánchez Castello,
Bojan Sarcevic, Hans Schabus, Chiharu Shiota, Carola Spadoni,
Kuang-Yu Tsui, Hema Upadhyay, Darius Ziura, Vadim Zakharov,
Yangjiang Group, Haegue Yang, Jun Yang, Eva-Maria Wilde e
Jenny Rosemeyer, Alban Hajdinaj
curated by Achille Bonito Oliva
scientific committee: Lorenzo Benedetti, Iara Boubnova, Cecilia
Casorati, Hu Fang, Christiane Rekade, Julia Trolp
The Eurasia exhibition presents a vision of art relevant to each
individual identity, suggesting the possibility of an art form
which passes smoothly between Europe and Asia – Eurasia
– to which Joseph Beuys has dedicated a cycle of works. The
exhibition wishes to go beyond purely performance-based art,
moving towards considerations making reference to content and
themes of our time and underling the value of coexistence of
Germania Contemporanea. Dipingere è narrare
Tim Eitel, David Schnell, Matthias Weischer
28.06. – 26.10.2008
curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Gabriella Belli
MART presents contemporary German painting, with
particular reference to Leipzig, a city which saw a considerable
concentration of creativity at the end of the 20th century. The
works of Tim Eitel, David Schnell and Matthias Weischer are
representative of a type of painting referred to as the Leipzig
School. Their works developed a language in which the figure
takes on a primary role, in order to recount a vision of the world
in which everyday reality is transformed into poetry.
Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi. Video works
28.06. – 31.08.2008
Known for their particular sensitivity to historical and political
themes, for the past 30 years the Gianikian-Ricci Lucchi couple
have focused their work on a powerful message of peace,
denouncing the deep contradictions and painful wounds that
wars, mass society and more recently globalisation have
produced in our daily lives. In 2002 they were invited by MART
to produce a trilogy of videos.
La raccolta Talamoni. Protagonista dell’informale europeo
28.06. – 17.08.2008
with Afro (Afro Libio Basaldella), Franco Angeli, Karel Appel,
Arman (Pierre Armand Fernandez), Alighiero Boetti, Agostino
Bonalumi, Alberto Burri, Massimo Campigli , Giuseppe
Capogrossi, Felice Casorati, Christo, Giorgio De Chirico, Tano
Festa, Lucio Fontana, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Wilfredo
Lam, Osvaldo Licini, Alberto Magnelli, Piero Manzoni, André
Masson , Georges Mathieu, Sebastian Matta, Mattia Moreni,
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Mimmo Rotella, Giuseppe Santomaso,
Alberto Savinio, Emilio Scanavino, Mario Schifano, Graham
Sutherland, Antoni Tàpies, Mark Tobey, Vedova Emilio
curated by Luciano Caramel
Around one hundred modern art works from the second half of
the 20th century, on loan from the Talamoni collection, will be
presented to the public in the galleries of the permanent collection.
Strongly oriented towards informal and abstract art, the
collection boasts over 800 paintings.
Massimo Stoffella
c/o Various bakeries, Rovereto
01.09. – 12.10.2008
with and curated by Massimo Stoffella, Enzo Frascaroli
Panebrot seeks to find a simple and creative way of bringing
people into contact with contemporary art. Panebrot puts images
and words on the bread bags distributed daily to households.
Following the sale of bread, the bags reach people’s homes,
offering food for thought, no less rewarding than the content
inside. The project will last about six weeks and involve the printing
of 75,000 bags.
Museo Civico di Rovereto
Borgo S. Caterina 34, Rovereto T +39 0464 439055
opening hours: tue – sun 9.00 – 12.00 / 15.00 – 18.00;
friday and sunday also 20.00 – 22.00; closed Monday
Cabinet of Curiosities
12.07. – 27.09.08
with Maria Benjamin, Sema Bekirovic, Lorenza Boisi, Henry
Coombes, Andrea Dojmi, Peter Donaldson, Davide Rivalta,
Christian Schwarzwald
curated by Marta Casati
opening: 11.07.2008 – h 19.00
The Cabinet Of Curiosities takes its inspiration from the advice
given by Gabriel Kaltemarckt to Christian I of Saxony in 1587,
specifying the priorities necessary for the construction of a successful
kunstkammer, involving varied paintings and sculptures,
with an accumulation of curious domestic or foreign objects.
Artists of different origin and using different media interact
within the Natural History Museum, in an area for the conservation
of zoological findings and artefacts, participating in a
project with a dual structure centred around anthropomorphism
and zoomorphism and characterised by poetic, ironic, ritualistic
and romantic fantasy.
Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery
Via San Giovanni Bosco 9, Rovereto T +39 0464 439834
opening hours: thu – fri 16.00 – 20.00; sat 10.00 – 13.00 / 15.00 – 19.00
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
21.06. – 05.09.2008
with Luis Molina-Pantin
curated by Paolo Maria Deanesi
Some satisfy their needs in a single “all-inclusive” place that transforms
the magic of a journey into a dreamlike experience.
Paolo Piscitelli
13.09. – 08.11.2008
curated by Federico Mazzonelli
opening: 12.09.2008 – h 18.30
On Sundays the New York Times becomes a heavy object in American
households… Piscitelli embarks on a battle between technology
and the press…
Transarte s.r.l.
T +39 0464 432326
c/o Trento Fair, Via Briamasco 2, Trento opening hours: 10.00 – 19.00
Giuseppe Desiato, Opere
19.07. – 17.08.2008
with Giuseppe Desiato
curated by Sergio Poggianella, Micaela Sposito
opening: 18.07.2008 – h 18.00
An exponent of Body Art active in the 1950s, Desiato established
himself thanks to his original approach to the body, going
beyond the concept of performance. After his success during the
Neo-Avantgarde period, interest in his work waned as a result of
his opposition to the artistic establishment. The fertility of his
artistic output, his recourse to experimental avant-garde approaches
(often anticipating his times) and the high esteem in which
he is held by the artists of the Wiener Aktionismus and Fluxus are
just some of the reasons underlining the international status of
Desiato’s work.
Osvaldo Maffei
VHS Storie di terre, Croce gemmata
with Serena Giordani, Osvaldo Maffei, Guido Omezzolli
Storie di terre: Chiesa S.Maria Maddalena
c/o Eremo m.te Rocchetta, Riva de l Garda
18.08. – 31.08.2008, h 14.00 – 18.00
opening: 17.08.2008 – h 15.00
Exhibition and performance presented in a hermitage chapel
above Riva del Garda. A walking itinerary inspiring new perspectives
on both space and time.
Croce gemmata: Chiesa San Martino
c/o Pra dell’Albi Cei, Vila Lagarina
23.08. – 24.08.2008, h 10.00 – 19.00
opening: 22.08.2008 – h 17.00
The multi-medial Cross opens up the event and invites the visitor
to take part in the experience of perception and awareness of this
religious place.
Angelina Pisoni e Cristiana Pivari
c/o Terrace of Palazzo Giuliani, Piazza 3 Novembre, Arco
MO-I-E-TE – Mostra in esterno territoriale
12.10. – 26.10.2008
curated by and with Angelina Pisoni, Cristiana Pivari
opening: 11.10.2008 – h 11.00
MO-I-E-TE is an installation representing the conditioning to
which we are constantly subjected. There are five Raku pottery
clothes pegs on a taught line, together with four white sheets and
one red. The white sheets are attached to the line with the pegs,
whereas the red sheet has flown off against the bottom wall, leaving
its peg on the line. A written text, which will be read on the
day of opening and then distributed to the shops in the square,
completes the installation.
Galleria Civica G. Segantini
Via Segantini 9, Arco T +39 0464 583563
opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00
Profili 2
05.10. – 23.11.2008
with Eduard Habicher, Daniel Zimmermann
curated by Giovanna Nicoletti
opening: 04.10.2008 – h 18.00
Eduard Habicher’s interpretation of sculpture through his own
work involves the union of emotion and reason. His work develops
from the manipulation of matter to create signs, changing
the environment by interacting with the idea of expansion and
of lightness. The environment is transformed by installing the
sculptures on walls or architectural structures. The Ideal Line of
Arco installation by Daniel Zimmerman represents a theoretically
ideal line for rock climbing in Arco. A trail defined by wooden
planks, which intentionally create an alienating effect, will be
fixed onto the Colodri rock face, well-known to climbers, making
visible use of the climbing route on the rock.
Museo Civico di Riva del Garda
and Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento

c/o Museo Civico di Riva del Garda , Piazza C. Battisti
T +39 0464 573869 opening hours: 10.00 – 17.00
Radar.01 – indagine biennale sulla giovane arte in Trentino
05.10. – 02.11.2008
A group of young Trentino artists selected from those invited to
exhibit in pubs
curated by Francesca Pedroni, Marco Tomasini
opening: 04.10.2008 – h 11.00
Radar.01 was created in response to the desire to create a twoyearly
event in the Province offering space to young Trentino
artists, displaying their work in places frequented by the wider
public, because art has always reflected and interpreted aspects
of social life. Radar.01 takes place in two stages: the first provides
for a series of appointments between April and June in a number
of pubs situated in Trento, Rovereto and Riva del Garda, during
which the artists are presented; in the second stage, a panel
made up of critics and curators will choose the artists who are to
display their works in the final show opening at the Museum in
Riva del Garda from 4 October 2008 at 11.00.
Palazzo Martini Spazio per l’Arte
Palazzo Martini, via Maffei 14, Riva del Garda
T +39 349 715 8401
opening hours: mon – sun 16.00 – 19.00
Matteo Boato, Sonia Lunardelli – di Vacche in Piazza
Piazza Tre Novembre – Riva del Garda
curated by Katjuscia Tevini
23 August 2008, from 10.00 am to 22.00
Two artists, two languages, two paths, a meeting-confrontation
in a digital arena, where the subjects confront one another in
a game with aspects of self-parody, sometimes irreverently. In
this way they come together for the first time to Palazzo Martini:
Boato adopting clearly pictorial tones, with increasing use of low
relief, whereas Lunardelli isolates the subject, taking it away from
its natural environment.
Associazione Arte Sella
T +39 0461 751251
Arte Sella 2008
07.06. – 31.10.2008
President: Laura Tomaselli –– Artistic Director: Emanuele
Montibeller –– Director of Music: Mario Brunello
“Quotapoesia” – poetry festival in the mountains – meeting with
the poets Silvia Bre, Paolo Febbraro, Mataroda Vergato, Franca
Mancinelli; presentation by the young poet Lerri Baldo; performance
of Suonatori di Grauno; “In cima al mondo” poetry
and music with Mario Brunello and the poet Giuliano Scabia;
“Vergine madre” recital of the actress Lucilla Giagnoni
Exhibitions by artists: Jakko Pernu, Nils-Udo, Anton Schaller,
Jaakko Pernu, Francois Le long, Giuliano Orsingher
Creative laboratory “Fucina Arte Sella”: Arte, Scienza, Natura
with Mario Brunello, Andrea Lucchesini, Marco Rizzi, Danilo
Rossi, Marco Paolini
Performance tour by the dance company Retouramont
in collaboration with OrienteOccidente
Arte Sella è is an international contemporary art exhibition. Since
1996 the project takes place along a path through the woods
which enables visitors to observe the works of art and to enjoy
the environmental characteristics of the area. The idea is not
just to display works of art but also to show the creative process
involved in them. The works are created using natural materials
and many of them become part of the lifecycle of nature. The
association uses Malga Costa as an exhibition space.
Castel Pergine s.r.l
Via al Castello 10, Pergine Valsugana T +39 0461 531158
fax +39 0461 531329
opening hours: tue – sun 10.00 – 22.00; mon 17.00 – 22.00
Santorossi: EgoLogo
19.04. – 09.11.2008
curated by Franco Batacchi, Theo Schneider, Verena Neff
More than 40 works of Santorossi, most of them site specific, are
exhibited in the gardens and the halls of the castle. Enormous
gigantographics on the walls of the towers recall the omnipresent
mass advertising, metallic steles estrange nature, colourful
geometric compositions change the image of the horizon:
A spectacular show of an existential and artistic adventure on
the guide line of reflexion.
Festival Portobeseno – Ass. Culturale Libera Mente
SP59 Performance
29.08.2008 – h 21.30
with Mylicon/EN (
curated by Davide Ondertoller
Car park at the inter-municipal sports field on the CALLI ANO-NOMI SP59
provincial road
Performance consisting of superimposed visual stimuli and
sound. A dialogue with the landscape marked by the noise of
cars, passing trains, church bells and the sound of running
water. The performance will be held on an abandoned road
and will involve the use of household television sets and
quadraphonic sound systems.
Lasciare Tracce audio/video installation
03.09. – 19.10.2008
with Sara Maino
curated by Associazione Libera Mente
c/o Casa delle Guardie, Castel Beseno, Besenello
opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00; closed monday
opening: 02.09.2008 – h 17.00
An analysis of individual and collective memory through oral
sources. A special workstation positioned in one of the rooms in
Beseno Castle offers visitors the chance to record their testimony.
Meanwhile, in another room, the voices of memory, collected
through interviews with local people, can be listened to using
headphones. A web link is used to randomly connect old and
new traces, creating multiple representations of a continuously
changing collective identity.
v i n o
with Davide Ondertoller, Stefano Cagol, Corpo Musicale
S.Cecilia di Volano, Massimiliano Viel, Michele Trentini
curated by Associazione Libera Mente
c/o Castel Beseno, Besenello
06.09.2008 – h 21.30
Multimedia installation and performance dedicated to the wine
produced in the Adige valley. The research work consists of
narrative interviews, sounds and images of local agriculture and
the wine industry. During the soirée, Trentino’s largest medieval
castle will play host to wine-related experiences, translated
into audio/video installations, live music and electronic music
Castel Toblino
c/o Cappella S. Antonio di Padova, Loc. Castel Toblino, Calavino opening hours: 17.00 – 21.00; closed tuesday.
Beati, on the road in the room
16.07. – 03.08.2008
with Flora Graiff, Lillo Gullo
curated by Luca Beatrice
The works are aphorisms and photo-pastels (photographs of interiors
touched up with pastels), a combination of verbal and iconic
language, with which the artist Flora Graiff and poet Lillo Gullo
present a sort of “on the road in the room”: an original domestic
calling, bordering on the oxymoron, undermining the usual
notions of pauses and travel to bring them together in a new
experience, which is at the same time aesthetic and existential.
It is also an opportunity to sense the fire smouldering under the
surface of the home and to investigate the dimension of objects
going beyond their functional role.
Studio d’Arte Andromeda
Via Malpaga 17, Trento T +39 0461 209227 opening hours: 17.00 – 19.30
Il Padiglione immaginario della Bosnia Erzegovina
L’immaginario nella vita e nelle opere degli artisti bosniaci
12.10. – 31.10.2008
with Associazione Artisti Tac.Ka Prjiedor
opening: 11.10.2008 – h 18.00
The objective of TAC.KA is to promote culture from below.
Convinced that culture is one of the most effective means for
reconstructing the social fabric and for seeking shared solutions
for the future, TAC.KA wishes to free itself of the two main methods
adopted for the promotion of culture in Bosnia. One focuses
on the celebration of nationalism, religion and traditions, leading
to cultural immobility, while the other proposes a stereotyped
and marketable vision of Balkan art in order to gain access to the
European artistic scene. TAC.KA wishes to overcome the negative
effects of cultural globalisation, which levels out cultural
peculiarities, concentrating on shiny metropolitan showcases
and thus depriving the suburbs of stimulating contact with
alternative cultures.
Angelo Capasso, Amici della Galleria Civica di Trento
and Galleria Numero Uno Arte Contemporanea Trento

Galleria Numero Uno, via F.lli Perini 62, Trento
c/o Casa D’aste Von Morenberg, Via Malpaga 11, Trento
opening hours: 09.30 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 18.00
Onda Anomala
16.07. – 10.08.2008
with H.H. Lim, Yang Jiechang, Yan Pei-Ming, Wang Du,
Xu Tan, Zheng Guogu, Cao Fei
curated by Angelo Capasso, Martina Yang
opening: 16.07.2008 – h 19.00
The exhibition Onda Anomala features seven artists of Chinese
origin from three different generations, living either in China or
abroad: H.H. Lim, Yang Jiechang, Yan Pei-Ming, Wang Du, Xu Tan,
Zheng Guogu, and Cao Fei. The exhibition considers the work of
art as the key to understanding the creativity and complexity of
contemporary Chinese art.
Angelo Morandini, Trento
c/o Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento, Via Belenzani 43,
Matrici Affini Performance
28.09.2008 – h 10.00 – 18.00
The project presents an interactive multimedia show, generated
using SVG context free language, (Scalable Vector Graphics). The
image of a tree, represented by the code constructed using primitives,
is made up of a myriad of small squares, with which the
users can interact. Each square is indeed sensitive to the visitor’s
movements. The image is generated by matrices.
Anna Scalfi
c/o Piazza Duomo, Trento
Celata (sotto la piazza scorre una roggia)
06.07. – 17.07.2008
Events 05.07.2008 – h 21 e 17.07.2008 – all day
Around 1860 there were still many places along the city’s road
network where the channels of water flowing underground came
to the surface. These were a precious source of running water,
and the women of Trento used to kneel on the ground to wash
their linen by hand using freezing cold water. In Piazza Duomo,
following the exact path of the old ditch, now covered with slabs
of pink stone, a row of washing machines allows us to wash our
linen in public. In the place which was once a hive of activity
rather than an area of transit, we can pay homage, without
statues or medals, to the memory of daily toil.
c/o Carriages and/or mobile containers and/or on site
On Rail – ArteMobile
september 2008
with Markus Schaller, Terry Smith, Robert Dragot, Anna
Muskardin, Giuliano Orsingher, Mauro Sambo, Giulio
Cassanelli, Seamus Farrell, Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes,
Max Zarri, Monica Carrocci, Andrew Bick
curated by Andrea Pagnes, Barbara Schweizer
ArtMobile – On-Rail was conceived as a touring exhibition project.
It focuses on the flexible construction of works of art and on
their mobility, both in terms of the issues dealt with (those of a
more strictly aesthetic nature) and the places/spaces where they
are displayed. In this case, the space chosen is the train carriage
or container, a unique location for an artistic “environmental/
area” initiative, able to link the different official sites of
Manifesta 7 using existing communication routes.
ASPART – Associazione Galleristi del Trentino
Studio d’Arte Raffaelli, Palazzo Wolkenstein, Via Marchetti 17, Trento
T +39 0461 982595
Arte Diffusa
07.07. – 14.08.2008
Billboards in the city of Trento
with Paolo Dolzan, Leonida De Filippi, Willy Verginer,
Giuseppe Maraniello, Stefano Cagol
curated by Mariella Rossi
With Arte Diffusa, ASPART begins a process of concrete interaction
between art and the urban fabric of the city. The works of art will
be placed on billboards in areas of passage and transit, in order
to enter the field of vision of passers by and stimulate reflection.
Art thus replaces the consumerism and materialism of advertising,
disseminating aesthetic and analytical sensitivity. Each
artist deals with a theme: Our dreams and nightmares, Conflict close
to and far from home, The individual and his body, What surrounds us
and Physical and mental influence.
In occasione di Manifesta…
15.07. – 30.09.2008
with Paolo Dolzan, Giuseppe Maraniello, Leonida De Filippi,
Daniele Galliano, Zanele Muholi e Davide Benati
curated by Giordano Raffaelli (Aspart President)
In the fhe five ASPART member art galleries in Trentino:
Galleria Il Castello Studio arte contemporanea, Largo Carducci 31, Trento
opening hours: 10.00 – 12.00 / 16.00 – 19.30;
closed monday morning and public holidays
Galleria d’Arte Argo, Via II Androna 3, Trento ;
opening hours: 12.00 – 12.00 / 16.00 – 19.00;
closed monday morning and public holidays
Galleria d’Arte Il Cenacolo, Via Gorizia 11, Trento
opening hours: 16.30 – 19.00; closed monday morning and public holidays
Buonanno Arte Contemporanea, Via Garibaldi 16, Mezzolombardo
opening hours: 17.30 – 19.30; Saturday by appointment,
closed monday and public holidays
Studio d’Arte Raffaelli, Via Marchetti 17, Trento
opening hours 10.00 – 12.30 / 17.00 – 19.30;
closed monday and public holidays
opening from 15.07.2008 – h 18.30
During Manifesta 7, the ASPART galleries present six Italian
contemporary artists, with one-man shows in the different
galleries. The choice of the artists is the result of in-depth
research into the artistic and social value of the works. The
artists are Daniele Galliano and Zanele Muholi for Studio d’Arte
Raffaelli, Paolo Dolzan for Galleria d’Arte Argo, Davide Benati
for Galleria Il Castello, Giuseppe Maraniello for Galleria d’Arte
Il Cenacolo and Leonida De Filippi for Buonanno Arte
Associazione Amici Arte Contemporanea di Trento
Duccio Dogheria +39 338 3015279
c/o at the Municipal library, via Roma, TRENTO; different sites in the city
centre, Trento; Former Bimac area, via Lungo Leno sinistro, Rove reto
Fuori luogo
12.07. – 27.09.2008
with Enrica Borghi, Blu, Luca Coser, Michael De Feo, Ericailcane,
Marco Fantini, Diango Hernandez, Giuliano Orsingher, Laurina
Paperina, Alessandro Piangiamore, Federico Pietrella, Paolo
Piscitelli, Simone Racheli, Raudì (collective made up of Federico
Lanaro, Rosario Fontanella, Tatiana Festi)
curated by Duccio Dogheria, Federico Mazzonelli
opening: 11.07.2008 – h 18.00
c/o the Municipal library in Trento
The event, designed to interact with the urban landscape, will see
a number of major installations scattered around the city centre
(by Enrica Borghi, Luca Coser, Marco Fantini, Diango Hernandez,
Giuliano Orsingher, Alessandro Piangiamore, Federico Pietrella,
Paolo Piscitelli and Simone Racheli) alongside site-specific intervention
(by the Raudì collective), transforming the municipal
library into an open air swimming pool. This work will take place
alongside other short-lived works, made up of murals, some on a
massive scale (Blu, Ericailcane, Laurina Paperina, Michale De Feo).
Associazione artistico culturale Formato Arte
T +39 0461 260366
c/o S.A.S.S. – Sas archaeological space, Archaeological Heritage Office,
Autonomous Province of Trento, P.zza C.Battisti, Trento
opening hours: 9.30 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 18.00; closed monday
Capolinea Underground
01.07. – 31.08.2008
with Mauro Cappelletti, Francesco Cocco, Maurizio Giongo,
Diego Mazzonelli, Gianni Pellegrini, Romano Perusini,
Giorgio Salomon, Rolando Tessadri, Rolando Trenti, Manuela
Baldracchi, Fulvio Nardelli
curated by Riccarda Turrina
meetings : 11.07.2008 – h.18, 22.07.2008 – h.18
28.08.2008 – h.18

Formato Arte presents an exhibition on issues linked to the
contemporary and topical nature and significance of artistic
expression and to its development in the area. The theme of the
journey is the dominant aspect of the exhibition, understood
both in immaterial, mental and/or temporal terms, as a cultural
process, as an opportunity for new relationships, encounters and
experiences, as a journey through visual experiences and ultimately
as a reflection of life in general.
Associazione Cartello Artisti e Gruppo Culturale UCT
UCT – uomo città territorio
T +39 0461 983496 / +39 340 6912058
c/o Palazzo Trentini, Via Manci 27, Trento
opening hours: 10.00 – 19.00
Incontri/Confronti per un’Europa dell’arte
Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia
02.08. – 22.08.2008
with Balogh Istvan Peter, Chladek Ulricke, Fuerst Wolfgang,
Grozay Petra, Kertz Christine, Ledersberger–Lehoczky
Elisabeth, Nemes Laszlo, Sebjanic Robertina, Standi Geza,
Boldi Szmrecsanyi Boldizar, Bernardi Sergio, Cappelletti
Bruno, Winkler Othmar, Fozzer Fia Elena, Lancetti Franco,
Leoni Giuseppe, Cavalieri Claudio, Albino Franco, Sighele
Alberto & Yurchenko Roza
curated by Mario Cossali
opening: 01.08.2008 – h 18.30
The event is intended to act as an important and unique opportunity
to meet and compare notes: an exchange of ideas in the field
of art between areas once making up the Central European area;
a return to one’s roots in the context of globalisation, making
it possible to discover one’s identity, despite faint tracks and
underlying diversities, to foster greater awareness of the present.
The artists involved in the exchange of ideas on issues relating to
social commitment and human values, will explore the complexity
of the dominant situation, in which the human dimension is
increasingly lost, using the language of art and various techniques
(sculpture, painting, installations, performance).
Associazione Culturale I Teatri Soffiati
c/o Gocciadoro Park , Trento; Piazza Venezia, Trento;
River Adige between Trento and Merano
Madre Terra, dedicated to the confluence of
people, contemporary theatre art and nature

with Silvano Brugnara, Nazario Zambaldi, Soledad Rivas, Klaus
Saccardo, Alessio Kogoj, patients of the theatre laboratory at
Basaglia di Sinigo, Paola Carlucci, Natasha Belsito, Luna Pauselli
curated by Alessio Kogoj
24.07.2008 – h 10.00, Performance d’apertura
c/o along the river Adige between trento and me rano
curated by Teatro Pratiko and I Teatri Soffiati
27.07.2008 – h 17.30, the performance is repeated in a natural environment
c/o Gocciadoro Park, Trento; curated by I Teatri Soffiati
24.07.2008 – h 17.30, Sono Mani Buone le Tue
c/o Park in Piazza Venezia, Trento
25.07.2008 – h 20.00, Nuova Pelle
c/o Gocciadoro Park, Trento;
curated by Compagnia Controra
26.07.2008 – h 16.30, Oz I- Ci Tocca… A Volte
c/o Gocciadoro Park, Trento; curated Nazario Zambaldi e patients
of the theatre laboratory at Casa Basaglia (BZ) –– Permanent atelier
with pictorial works and installations by the artists Silvano
Brugnara and Nazario Zambaldi, h 17.00 – 20.30
27.07.2008 – h 17.30, replica esperimento in ambiente naturale
c/o Gocciadoro Park, Trento; curated byTeatri Soffiati
Madre Terra (Mother Earth) is an innovative artistic contemporary event which
develops, expands and promotes issues linked to the environment,
wellbeing and a more “natural” quality of life. In addition
to the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta 7, the
event was inspired by the fact that the 2008 has been proclaimed by
the UN as International Year of Planet Earth.
Associazione per il Coordinamento Teatrale Trentino
T +39 0461 420788
Wine Rooms, wine-multisensory-cultural itinerary through
precious places for curious spectators

curated by Coordinamento Teatrale Trentino
Company: L’Uovo Teatro Stabile di innovazione di L’Aquila
Choreographer and Director: Maria Cristina Giambruno
Performers: Eugenia Scotti, Alessandro Rognone, Leonardo
Cecchi, Raffaela Rubini
12. & 13.07.2008, 2 performance h 20.30 / h 22.30
c/o Palazzo Scherer Malfatti, Ala
22. & 23.07.2008, 2 performance h 20.30 / h 22.00
c/o Teatro Sociale e Gustavo Modena, Mori
25. & 26.07.2008, 2 performance h 18.00 / h 21.00
27.07.2008, 3 recite h 11.00 / h 18.00 / h 21.00
c/o Castello di Caldes, Caldes
13.09.2008, 3 performance h 18.00 / h 20.30 / h 22.00
14.09.2008, 3 performance h 11.00 / h 18.00 / h 20.30
c/o Palazzo Ippoliti, Pergine Valsugana
15. & 18.07.2008, 2 performance h 20.30 / h 22.00
c/o Villa Tambosi, Trento
From the Oinos of Dionysus, to the taberna of Carmina Burana, Mozart’s
Marzemino, Verdi’s Traviata, Baudelaire’s Vin, Neruda’s Ode
al vino and Alda Merini’s Seteperenne. These are some of the many
voices to be heard as the visitor follows an itinerary through the
rooms, an itinerary which stimulates the various senses, amidst
coloured lights, redolent music, the fascination of dance, film
sequences and the evocative power of words.
Ass. R.O.S.A. Realizzazione Opere e Spazi d’Arte
and Associazione Universitando

c/o Faculty of Economics, via Inama 5, Trento info@città
Città al muro, exhibitions, seminars and performances
11.07. – 25.07.2008
Video artists Nicolas Alvarez, Joaquin Ostrovski, Sebastiano
Luca Insinga, Ogino Knauss, Awa Ndiaye, Andrea Scapolan
External artistic happenings: Matteo Boato, Dotdotdot, Tristan
Favre, Göla, Marco Dalbosco, Luigi Presicce, Sparki, Kato
Photographers: Luca Chisté, Michele Vettorazzi
Speakers at the seminar: Ella Chimielewska, Giuseppe Campesi,
Francesca Cozzolino, Cristina Mattiucci, Giovanni Semi, Luciano
Spinelli, Lorenzo Tripodi, Renato Troncon, Sthephen Yusuff
a cura di Eva Lavinia Maffei, Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Francesca
opening: 11.07.2008, h 11.00 – h 21.30
Venues in Trento: Seminar “Walls, operational strategies and tactics”:
Faculty of Sociology –– Video and artistic installations: Spazio
Off; Casa dell’architettura –– Performance live: Suniversity residence
S.Bartolameo –– External artistic happenings, centro storico cittadino
–– Photographic exhibition “Muri”: Biblioteca Comunale; Hall of
Law Faculty; Spazio Pretto; Galleria Tirrena
The project aims to foster new relationships between
sociologists, artists, photographers, architects and flâneurs
within the context of the urban network.
Bosco dei Poeti
c/o Palazzo Libera, Museo Diocesano, VilaLagarina
opening hours: tue – fri 14.00 – 18.00; sat – sun 10.00 – 12.00 / 14.00
18.00; closed monday
25.10. – 24.11.2008
with Lome, Marco Gradi
curated by Bosco dei Poeti, Alessandro Mendini, Concetto Pozzati,
Alberto Cecchetto, Bruno Sanguanini
opening: 24.10.2008 – h 18.00
Double exhibition project for the artists Marco Gradi and Lome
Lorenzo Menguzzato. LiberaMente (FreeMind) is a dual vision of
the significance of painting today. Colour and black and white
pictures by two artists from different generations, but linked by
their passion for writing and the creation of events, such as the
Boscodeipoeti and La Tenda Rossa. For the occasion the exhibition
in Palazzo Libera will be extended, including two specific
works inside the Museo Diocesano. There will also be poetry
readings by Gigi Zoppello, Renato Sclaunich and Enrico Tavernini.
A musical work by Stefano Laudadio Ferri will be composed
for the occasion.
Citrac – Circolo Trentino Architettura Contemporanea
T +39 0461 238639
c/o Construction site in Via S. Pietro, shop windows, shops and offices in
Trento city centre, opening hours 20.30 – 22.30
Videoarch 08
02.10. – 04.10.2008
with Paolo Canevari, Cao Fei, International Festival,
Jacopo Mazzonelli, Jennifer & Keviin Mccoy, Jakub Nepras,
Stealth.[U]Ltd, Tim White
curated by Mariella Rossi
Curatorial committee: Danilo Balzan, Ugo Bazzanella, Carmen
Chiomento, Sergio Festi, Renzo Micheletti, Ondina Rossi,
Bruno Sandri
opening: 01.10.2008 – h 20.30
Videoarch 08 is the second edition of a biannual project that
explores the common ground between architecture – immobile
by definition – and videoart – by definition in movement. The
project takes the form of a selection of video works highlighting
these points of contact, projected directly onto the facades of
buildings in the town, and also involves inviting an international
artist to create a new video work around the architecture of the
city and the province.
Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa
with Moleskine and Opera Universitaria di Trento
T +39 041 5207797 / +39 041 5208879
c/o Centro Polifunzionale, Via Giovanni Prati 10, Trento
opening hours: from 16.07 to 03.08.2008 (every day)
and from 01.09 to 15.10.2008 from mon to fri: 16.00 – 20.00
A4 / 8 Studi
From 15.07 to 03.08.2008 and from 01.09 to 15.10.2008
curated by Associazione Culturale Mobeel in collaboration
with Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa
The artists involved are those winning the 2007/2008 competition
leading to the awarding of studios for one year at the
Cloisters of Saints Cosma and Damiano at the Giudecca of the
Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, with the support of
Moleskine Srl: Associazione Culturale Mobeel, Vania Comoretti,
conceptinprogress – Amparo Ferrari and Sebastián Zabronski – in
collaboration with Damián Turovezky, Marina Ferretti, Maddalena
Fragnito De Giorgio, LED-Laboratorio ElettroDomestico,
Kensuke Koike, Alberto Tadiello
opening: 15.07.2008 – h 18.00
During Manifesta 7, the young artists awarded a studio this year at
the Bevilacqua La Masa atelier participate in an exhibition. In the
exhibition space the artists present a show that can also be enclosed
within an A4 Moleskine folder: an artist’s book that becomes
a travelling gallery. The spectator can visit it whenever he wishes,
simply by leafing through the various folders and discovering the
individual works.
Fondazione Edmund Mach
and Museo Civico di Riva del Garda

Fondazione Edmund Mach, Centro di Ecologia Alpina di Monte Bondone,
Loc. Viote del Monte Bondone, Trento T +39 0461 939555
Museo Civico di Riva del Garda
Sound Threshold. Musica e suono attraverso il paesaggio
with Blind Cave Salamander, Carl Michael von Hausswolff &
Leif Elggren,Chris Watson, Fovea Hex
curated by Daniela Cascella, Lucia Farinati
16.07.2008 Monte Bondone, Trento – h 16 .00
Presentation of CD “Clima Verde” of Chris Watson
16.07.2008 Monte Bondone, Trento – h 19.30
Fovea Hex e Blind Cave Salamander Live Outdoor Performance

c/o Terrazza delle Stelle, Fondazione Edmund Mach
Free entrance and transport from Trento, booking at APT information
offices T +39 0461 216000
In the event of rain the concerts will be held in Trento at the Teatro San
Marco, Via San Bernardino 6 and will begin at 21.30
28.09.2008 Riva del Garda, Santuario di Monte San Martino
Initiation of a Pilgrimage Road to the Threshold Between
the High and the Low con Carl Michael Von Hausswolff *
Leif Elggren (;
produced by Museo Civico Riva del Garda
How does one go beyond the picture postcard effect that the
alpine landscape calls to mind? How does one break down conventional
systems of representation and two-dimensional ways
of thinking and seeing? Sound and music are the means of expression
chosen by Sound Threshold to confront these questions.
Through performance, sound installations and field recordings,
Sound Threshold explores the visual, natural, literary and acoustic
landscape of Trentino in conjunction with the latest research
from the fields of ecology, technology and archaeology.
*Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento

Via Belenzani 46, Trento T +39 0461 985511 / +39 0461 986138
opening hours: tue 10.00 – 19.00, wed – sun 10.00 – 24.00; closed Monday
Gillian Wearing. Family Monument
Permanent installation
curated by Fabio Cavallucci, Cristina Natalicchio
c/o Gardens of Piazza Dante, Trento
opening: 16.07.2008 – h 17.00
The monument to the Typical Trentino Family of 2007, the result of
the special project by the British artist Gillian Wearing for the Civic
Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento, finds a place alongside
the long series of historic busts in the gardens of Piazza Dante
in Trento. The bronze sculpture was modelled on the Giuliani
family, selected on 10 June 2007 during the Family Night event at
the Teatro Sociale in Trento, following a long process of interaction
with the local community, adverts in local newspapers, the
nomination of candidates and public debates.
The Rocky Mountain People Show
16.07. – 02.11.2008
with Carlos Amorales & Carla Fernandez, Assume Vivid
Astro Focus, John Bock, Olaf Breuning, Micheal Fliri, Paul
McCarthy & Benjamin Weissman, Jonathan Meese,
My Barbarian, Marinella Senatore and others
curated by Fabio Cavallucci, Cristina Natalicchio
c/o Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento and various sites in the
opening: 15.07.2008 – h 19.00
What is the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento preparing
with these artists for the summer of 2008, when the whole
of Trentino – Alto Adige will be involved in the Manifesta event?
An exhibition? A performance? A workshop? The Civic Gallery is
tight-lipped about its projects. Some say that it will be necessary
to reach the mountain pastures, others that we should prepare
ourselves to sing, while the most audacious suggest that we will
be transformed into improvised but creative artists under the
guidance of skilled professionals, overturning the daily routine
we are used to. For the moment nothing is certain. We can only
await 15 July, the day of the opening for the mysterious summer
Silvio Cattani
27.09. – 26.10.2008
curated by Guido Curto
c/o Foyer of the Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara, 3 Novembre,
Trento opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00
opening: 26.09.2008 – h 21.30
As takes place every year, the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art
in Trento is dedicating an exhibition to local Trentino artists in
the foyer of the Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara. This Autumn
Silvio Cattani will be the protagonist, with his large colourful
paper works. The artist is fascinated by abstract expressionism
and his works make reference to action painting, in which shape,
colour and sometimes words interact with one another. The
artist’s wide range of works also includes pieces making use of
mosaic and pottery of considerable decorative impact..
Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento
In collaboration with Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara
International Prize for Performance
10.10. – 11.10.2008
12 finalists to be selected after the closing date for submission
c/o Teatro Sociale, Via Oss Mazzurana 19, Trento
The International Prize for Performance, the only event of this kind
worldwide, this year reaches its fourth edition. All individual artists
or groups of artists under the age of 35, from any country in
the world and any background (visual arts, dance, music, theatre,
literature etc.) are invited to participate in the competition, by
sending an application to the web site of the Civic Gallery. During
the evenings at the Teatro Sociale in Trento, the 12 finalists
will present their original performances before an international
jury, which will award the winner a prize of 5000 Euro.
Gwenornothing (Germano Wolf, Elena Negriolli)
T +39 349 7447668 / +39 347 5217141
c/o Officine Monzani, via Ragazzi del 99 n.25, Loc. Ghiaie, Trento
orpening hours: fri 18.00 – 00.00; sat – sun 10.00 – 00.00
All Levels 2
13.09. – 14.09.2008
with Brave New Alps (Bianca Elzenbaumer, Fabio Franz),
Pierluigi Faggion, Gwenornothing (Elena Negriolli, Germano
Wolf), Federico Lanaro, Jacopo Mazzonelli e Marco Rinaudo,
Valentina Miorandi, Tiziana Poli, Knob Alchemist e Koan01,
Federico Lanaro
curated by Marco Tomasini
“opening: 12.09.2008 – h 18.00”
All Levels 2 is a cultural event, intending to offer space to young
artists and to explore interaction with the public. It is an atypical
happening in the context of the Trentino area, its objective being
to combine creativity, exhibitions and performance against an
unusual and fascinating background. It takes place in
industrial warehouses, where the various photographic, video
and performance works will come to life, interacting with
industrial machinery.
Arte Boccanera Contemporanea
together with Mafalda – Associazione donne Trento
c/o Galleria Arte Boccanera, via Milano 120/30, Trento
Actions. Art, Culture, Generation
11.07. – 21.09.2008
with Lien Botha, Tatiana Festi, Annamaria Gelmi, Kaoru
Katayama, Lucia Madriz, Elena Monzo, Maria Lucrezia
Schiavarelli, Cinthya Soto, Chiara Tagliazucchi, Ueia Lolta
curated by Marco Tomasini, Giorgia Lucchi di Arte Boccanera
opening: 10.07.2008 – h 17.00
c/o Centro Intermodale, Viale Dante, Pergi ne Vals uga na
opening hours: 14.00 – 20.00; closed monday
h 18.30 c/o CRA park, Piazza Monsignor Nicolini 6a,
Vilaza no; opening hours: 14.00 – 20.00; closed monday
h 20.00 c/o Galleria Arte Boccanera Contemporanea, Trento
opening hours: 10.00 – 13.00 / 16.00 – 19.00; closed Monday
Actions is the title of a collective exhibition which sees a lively
exchange of ideas between women from different cultures and
generations at local, national and international level. This takes
place using different artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography,
film and installations. It involves site-specific projects
which have been created by the artists following exploration of
the whole Trentino area, picking up on the different geographic,
cultural, linguistic and political peculiarities.
Maria Salvati, Ordet
Placards in the city of Trento
15.09. – 28.09.2008
curated by Francesca Cristellotti, Stefano Giovanazzi
The message she intends to convey in her project, entitled Ordet (the
word), inspired by Dreyer, is to affirm the importance of every
aspect of our existence, whether positive or negative. Evil and
sin, which contrast with man’s innate desire for happiness, are
in their turn important for an overall understanding and acceptance
of life.
Museo Tridentino di scienze naturali
Via Calepina 14, Trento
T +39 0461 270311 opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00; closed monday
Arcadia – oli e retouchées di Maurizio Boschieri
12.07. – 05.10.2008
with Maurizio Boschieri
opening: 11.07.2008 – h 18.30
35 works by Mauro Boschieri, an artist belonging to the new
Italian figurative art movement. His large oil paintings bring to
life the animals he depicts, with a lively and creative technique
which keeps pace with the evolution in art, taking the visitor to a
world on the frontier between reality and fantasy, coming closer
to the animals populating some of the most picturesque angles
of the planet.
Avatar – Società e cultura nei nuovi mondi virtuali
11.10.2008 – 11.01.2009
curated by Carlo Maiolini
opening: 10.10.2008 h 18.00
The Avatar exhibition deals with the new virtual worlds developing
on the internet, from the psychological, sociological and
anthropological point of view, this relatively unknown phenomenon
involving more and more people around the world each
day. It is a way of participating in adventures in the third person
through the creation of one’s own avatar.
Promart – Libera Ass. per la Promozione delle Arti
T +39 0461 912005
c/o Palazzo Libera, Via Garibaldi 10, Vila Laga rina
opening hours: tue – fri 14.00 – 18.00; sat – sun h 10.00 – 12.30 /
14.00 – 18.00; closed Monday
Essendo Cosi’ i Lupi
14.09. – 19.10.2008
with Jelena Vasiljev
curated by Antonio Cossu; Testo critico di Francesca Fiorella
opening: 13.09.2008 – h 18.30
Jelena Vasiljev continues to ask herself why a community of people must irreparably
feed on its own blood. In the last few months the resurgence
of the Kosovo problem has superimposed itself over the
apparent stability in Serbia. Using the language of contemporary
art, Promart wishes to give a voice to those crying out for peace,
conveying their obstinate wish not to give in to fatalism and what
would appear to be the inevitability of their destiny and expressing
their inner need to make sensitive souls aware of the drama
that their people are going through.
Stefano Cagol
c/o Loc. Sardagna, Trento visible from Trento and the Valle dell’Adige
opening hours: 21.00 – 00.30
17.07. – 19.07.2008
curated by Atomicwerk
The light draws lines that are impossible to grasp, just like the
frontiers between nations and cultures. This was the idea behind
this site-specific installation. It involves the use of light, with a
beam underlining and at the same time shattering the border
between the two provinces of Trento and Bolzano and the German
and Italian culture, but also in a broader context all frontiers,
not so much physical as psychological: the preconceptions,
differences and confines so deeply impressed within individuals
are revealed as being as insubstantial as light, powerful and
delicate at the same time.
Umberto Postal
c/o Grand Hotel Trento, Via Alfieri 1, Trento T +39 0461 271000
Solo Show
16.07 – 15.09.2008
curated by Silvia Conta
opening: 15.07.2008 – h 18.00
The Trentino artist Umberto Postal presents new works realised
specially for the occasion at the Grand Hotel Trento. Influenced
by the futurist Fortunato Depero, Postal also has points of contact
with the exponents of Pop Art and in the early 1980s he was
one of the founders of New Futurism. The collages made by Postal
combine these aspects with Dadaistic and Surrealistic influences,
putting together photographs and texts. Using contemporary
advertising aesthetics as a starting point, the artist presents a
study of the perceptive component of images which become
works of art.
Unione Cattolica Artisti italiani sezione di Trento
T +39 0461 683764
c/o Chiesa Ss Pietro e Paolo (Sant’Anna), via S.Pietro, Trento
orario apertura: 15.00 – 19.00
Epiphaneia, laSperanza per-dono
12.07. – 18.10.2008
with Loris Angeli, Marco Arman, Luigi Bevilacqua, M.A. Marisa
Brun, Giuseppe Calliari, Mirta De Simoni, Aldo Fabbro, Carlo
Adolfo Fia, Tullia Fontana, Maurizio Frisinghelli, Enrico
Gabardi, Sandro Giordani, Franco Lancetti, Ettore Lunelli,
Osvaldo Maffei, Silvia Marchetti, Mastro7, Giuseppe Nicolini,
Angelo Orlandi, Lina Pasqualetti, Romano Perugini, Romano
Sevignani, Maria Stoffella, Ilario Tomasi, Coral Torrents
curated by Marco Arman, Giuseppe Calliari, Marcello Farina,
Elena Fontana, Marlies Miorelli, Alessandro Martinelli, Cecilia
Niccolini, Cecilia Salizzoni
opening: 12.07.2008 – h 18.00
eventi: 26.07, 09.08, 23.08, 06.09, 20.09 , 04.10, 18.10.2008 h 18:00
The Union of Catholic Italian Artists, which has had a branch
in Trento since 1962, presents laSperanza per-dono with 7 cycles
of 3-5 works at fortnightly intervals, in the church of Sant’Anna
(Saints Peter and Paul) in Trento, in collaboration with diocesan
associations and groups and the Trentino Federation of Choirs.
Each meeting will see presentation of the works exhibited, closer
study of the theme and a musical performance.
Università di Bologna, Dipartimento delle Arti Visive
T +39 051 209 7266
c/o Courtyard of the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea of Trento
Via Belenzani 46, Trento
Videoart Yearbook 2008
25.09.2008 – 26.09.2008 – h 21.30
with Ancarani Yuri, Andersen Karin, Benassi Riccardo,
Bertocchi Davide, Brigataes, Camporesi Silvia, Cavallina Igor,
Coclite Luca, Comuzzi Paolo, Contin Andrea, Fliri Michael,
Giambi Patrizia, Giannotti Aldo, Giaretta Giovanni,
Globalgroove, Grasso Sabina, Grilli Francesca, Hirsch
Deborah, Mazzonelli Jacopo, Modica Concetta, Morandi Marco,
Nazzi Massimiliano, Niccoli Christian, Pasquini Stefano,
Pedrini Morena, Raparelli Marco, Ravalico Scerri Paolo,
Renzini Andrea, Ricotta Giovanna, Rosso Gianluca, Romano
Mili, Rossi Sara, Saguatti Saul, Scalfi Anna, Umbaca Enzo,
Vanzo Marcella, Vrizzi Debora, Zimmer Frei, Zuelli Diego
curated by Renato Barilli, Alessandra Borgogelli, Paolo Granata,
Silvia Grandi, Fabiola Naldi, Paola Sega
The Department Of Visual Arts of the University of Bologna
presents Videoart Yearbook 2008, the third edition of this video festival,
taking place over two evenings. The annual festival offers a
carefully selected sample of the latest and most advanced Italian
video art produced in 2007 and 2008.
Madonna di Campiglio Servizi s.r.l.
T +39 0465 441520
orario apertura: 16.00 – 21.00
c/o Conference Centre, Municipality of Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio
26.08. – 06.09.2008
with Stefano Banchieri, Marco Bianco, Simona Boglietti,
Umberto Corni, Angelo Merlini, Marco Stagnozzi, Karen
curated by Chiara Galbusera, Serena Trinchero
opening: 25.08.2008 – h 18.00
The exhibition project developed out of the need to talk about
nature, its creative power and our curious relationship with it, in
particulary ts ability to express a rational equilibrium between all
its component parts, allowing the coexistence of contradictions
and apparent discord. The exhibition looks at the subject through
the eyes of young contemporary artists covering the full spectrum
of artistic techniques: from painting to video installations, photography
and graphic design.
Comune di Sanzeno
Frazione Banco 100, Sanzeno T +39 0463 434167
c/o Palazzo de Gentili, Sanzeno, Val di Non opening hours: 10.00 – 20.00
Rosso scarlatto – Identità e Memoria
06.07. – 14.09.2008
with Mirta De Simoni Lasta
curated by Fabio Bartolini
opening: 05.07.2008 – h 11.00
The exhibition, dedicated to memories, is an opportunity for the
artist to recall her childhood, spent in Cles in the Val di Non and
at her grandparents’ hometown of Sanzeno. The paintings explore
a number of traditional themes and motifs: the family home,
the memory of times gone by, the relationship with her mother.
In the Ziggurat series the artist hints at her desire to be stateless,
a citizen of the world. This theme brings the journey back full
circle, starting from remembrance of the past and concluding by
exploring the spirit of today, which expresses openness towards
a world free of limitations in terms of space and time.
Comune di Caldes
Via al Castello 12, Caldes T +39 0463 901334
opening hours: mon – thu 15.00 – 18.30; fri – sun 15.00 – 18.30 / 20.00 – 22.00
c/o Castello di Caldes
Fuggevoli Sguardi
04.08. – 30.08.2008
with Alice Stepanek, Steven Maslin
curated by Gabriella Melchiori
opening: 03.08.2008 – h 17.00
Caldes Castle opens up its rooms to show works by Alice Stepanek
and Steven Maslin, two artists who present their fascinating view
of the powerful and overwhelming force of nature. They see nature
as unspoilt, wild and timeless, describing it using a personal
and contemporary approach which refers back to Romanticism.
In their paintings there is a form of ambivalent tension between
scepticism, deception and passionate devotion to the beauty and
abundance of nature.
Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Cavalese
P.tta Rizzoli 1, Cavalese T +39 0462 235416
15.30 – 19.30; closed Monday
Non C’è Traccia di Segni – 30 photographs by Pierluigi Orler
29.06. – 07.09.2008
with Pierluigi Orler
curated by Sergio Camin, Elio Vanzo
An artistic work which highlights the semantic and perceptive
significance of an area that is constantly evolving, through the
search for meaningful images regarding the different aspects
of nature-snow-technology,: the structure of the crystal and the
absence of geometry in the soft and organic shapes taken on by
the snow, the geometry behind the ski lifts, cables and nets and
the lack of geometry in the winding trails left by the skiers on
the slopes.
Istituto Comprensivo “Ladino di Fassa”
Istituto d’arte “G. Soraperra”
Dolomites 1, Pozza di Fassa T +39 0462 763186
c/o L. Heilmann room at the Ladin Museum in Vig o di Fasa
opening hours: tue – sat 15.00 – 19.00
Women In Art
14.09. – 02 10.2008
Students from the Istituto d’Arte
curated by Claudio Soraperra, Lara Steffe
opening: 13.09.2008 – h 17.00
Some classes from the G. Soraperra art school in Pozza di Fassa
are taking part in the Comenius project Women in Art, funded by
the European Commission, in partnership with foreign schools.
This project is designed to explore educational development
leading to greater consideration of the specific characteristics
of women’s art, promoting opportunities for the personal and
artistic growth of both male and female students.